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Wooden Dinosaur Origami Wall Decoration - Stegosaurus

Wooden Dinosaur Origami Wall Decoration - Stegosaurus

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We are delighted to be stocking the wonderful dinosaurs from Cut It Now in Poland.

These beautiful Wooden Dinosaurs are so unique & make the perfect dino addition to your little ones room.

The Stegosaurus Dinosaur Origami Wall Decoration is entirely made of hardwood plywood. 

The pieces are arranged like a puzzle, so much fun & every toddler can handle it.

Dinosaurs come with mounting application, simply arrange the puzzle on the floor first then mount onto your wall. You will also find a small selection of mini dino footprints in every package.

  • Material: Plywood
  • Contents: 1 x Wooden Dinosaur & Mounting Application.
  • Dinosaur:  Stegosaurus
  • Size: Small Approx 60 cm high x 94 cm wide
  • Size: Medium Approx 80cm high x 125cm wide
  • Application: Dinosaurs come with D.RECT All- Stick Removable and Reusable White Putty. Simply arrange your pieces & mount on the wall.
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