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Decals Under The Sea

Decals Under The Sea

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Our Under The Sea Fabric Decals make a wonderful addition to your little ones room...

Have fun creating an Under The Sea themed bedroom for your little one with all the ocean wonders included in this pack.

The pack includes a wonderful Whale, a cheerful Dolphin, a mischievous Octopus, a very intelligent Manta Ray, graceful Seahorses, speedy Crabs, cheeky Puffer fish & loads of sea bubbles! The pack also includes a beautiful selection of Seaweed & Coral. 

Your little sea lover will feel like they are swimming into the big blue with this wonderful selection of ocean life.

Please see below for sizes: Available in Small & Large.

Simply peel and stick ous Sea Creatures wherever you wish!

  • Material:  Matte fabric wall stickers with a peel and stick, removable adhesive
  • Contents: 15 x Sea Creatures , 20 x Selection of Seaweed & Coral, 80+ Sea Bubbles
  • Sea Creatures: 1 x Whale, 1x Dolphin, 1 x Octopus, 1 x Manta Ray,4 x Seahorse, 2 x Crab, 5 x Puffer Fish
  • Colour: Multi - Coloured
  • Size SMALL:
  • Whale 70cm x 45.5cm
  • Dolphin 64cm x 51cm
  • Manta Ray  43.5cm x 39cm
  • Octopus 51cm x 47cm
  • Seahorses 4 x 12cm x 30cm
  • Pufferfish 3 x 13.5cm x 11.5cm and 2 x 12.5cm x 10cm
  • Crab 1 x 25.5cm x 12cm and 1 x 23cm x 11cm
  • Coral 5 x 11.5cm x 8.5cm up to 17cm x 13cm
  • Seaweed 15 x 3.5cm x 21cm up to 5cm x 33.5cm
  • Bubbles 80 x various small sizes
  • Size LARGE:
  • Whale 98cm x 58cm
  • Dolphin 71cm x 87cm
  • Manta Ray 55cm x 61cm
  • Octopus 66cm x 69cm
  • Seahorses 4 x 16cm x 43cm
  • Pufferfish 3 x 19cm x 16cm and 2 x 17cm x 14cm
  • Crab 1 x 36cm x 17cm and 1 x 32cm x 16cm
  • Seaweed 1 x 7cm x 51cm, 1 x 5cm x 40cm, 1 x 5cm x 30cm, 1 x 43cm x 6cm, 1 x 33cm x 4cm, 2 x 7cm x 47cm, 2 x 36cm x 5cm, 2 x 5cm x 28cm, 2 x 6cm x 39cm, 2 x 4cm x 30cm
  • Coral 1 x 9cm x 24cm, 1 x 17cm x 23cm, 1 x 17cm x 21cm, 1 x 12cm x 16cm, 1 x 19cm x 16cm
  • Bubbles 80 x various small sizes
  • Colour: Multi-coloured
  • Application: Simple peel and stick application, see below for more details

Product Information

  • Manufactured & Printed in Australia.
  • Our product is a polyester fabric with an gum-like adhesive on the back which doesn’t change over time, harden or leave residue.
  • Products can be moved to another wall, and stored in between.
  • Our product is free of PVC’s, BPA’s, lead, phthalates, glyco-ethers, formaldehydes.
  • We use water-based inks, indoor air quality certified.
  • Biodegradable material.
  • Low fire rating.


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