About Us

Hello, I’m Sarah, mum of two and the creator / illustrator behind Dino Raw.

Dino Raw was an idea born in 2016 when I created a series of dinosaur prints for my two boys Jack & Ted. Both my boys were Dino obsessed & I loved the idea of creating dinosaurs that were not too scary, hence Dino Raw began with a series of fun and colourful dinosaurs.

Six years on my artwork has expanded into Removable Wall Decals and now graces the walls in children’s bedrooms and playrooms all over the world.

All of my illustrations are created by me. I use various mediums, including fine ink, crayon and marker. My designs are then reproduced into a high quality prints for our Removable Wall Decals and Prints.

Dino Raw designs are fun & colourful.

Create a themed bedroom for your child with our huge selection of Dinosaur Decals, Under The Sea Decals, Safari Decals, Space Decals, Unicorn & Rainbow Decals plus many more for you to explore

Dino Raw has now become a favourite Destination for Removable Wall Decals by customers all over the world!

Our Wall Decals are NOT vinyl so they are BPA and phthalate free, and our inks are water-based. The safest wall products you can buy!

Safe. Beautiful. Reusable.

Thank you for visiting our store x